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Managed Firewall
Few services are as essential to successful application delivery as network security. ServerCentral Managed Firewall is a premium, enterprise-class offering designed to provide 100% assured defense against network attacks and intrusion. ServerCentral security specialists configure redundant pairs of dedicated firewall hardware with custom security policies, guaranteeing a high availability solution with drastically lowered risk of latency and packet loss.

•   dedicated, high availability gear
•   customized reports and periodic security assessments
•   active performance and security monitoring
•   unusual threats are investigated and resolved in real time
•   optional alert notification
•   assured defense against network attacks at a variety of throughputs
•   100% uptime SLAs on power and network service

Audit Trail Assurance
•   firewall gear is configured exclusively by our on-site NOC
•   third-party audit validation
•   configuration change-logs
•   help with preventing vulnerabilities and misconfigurations

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Functionality
•   secure, authenticated remote access to resources through a scalable VPN
•   advanced VPN technologies included
•   IPSEC tunnels provide persistent, encrypted communications
•   SSL tunnels secure remote access to authorized users
•   PPTP tunnels are ideal for remote access VPN applications
•   no additional fees or complex configurations required

Optional Subscriptions for Specialized Requirements
•   anti-spam email filtering
•   antivirus scanning
•   website filtering
•   intrusion detection
•   intrusion prevention
•   deep packet inspection

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