Network Connectivity Services

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Data Transport
ServerCentral Data Transport is a secure and flexible way to extend the reach of your network. This fully transparent service provides dedicated, private point-to-point connections between two or more locations on our 10-Gig MPLS backbone. Protected paths and redundant links safeguard your data throughout our network. 

ServerCentral Data Transport is packet-switched over converged MPLS infrastructure, allowing you to burst beyond committed bandwidth levels rather than drop excess data. In addition, Ethernet edge devices double as a Layer 2 switch without limitations on network topology. You can then bypass any protocol data, including routing, Ethernet 802.1q VLAN tags, multicasting, spanning trees, and any others required to support your applications.

We have flexible billing options, including point-to-point, multi-point, flat-rate, and usage-based service. For customers with many sites, a multi-point configuration is a scalable and cost-effective alternative to legacy ATM services.


  • scalability/capacity on demand 
  • 1 Mbps to 10+ Gbps speeds
  • 20% lower round-trip times than major competitors
  • rapid fiber is lit within 72 hours
  • MPLS Fast Reroute extensions relight outages in <50 milliseconds
  • flexible network supports all types of high-density, high-speed transport

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