Network Connectivity Services

IP Transit
ServerCentral IP Transit provides the reliability and performance needed to keep your company connected. Our 10-Gig-native IP backbone is built upon carrier-class routing infrastructure from Juniper Networks, the foremost provider of next-generation IP backbone products. We're one of only a handful of providers who have deployed an all Juniper core infrastructure, allowing us to provide unparalleled stability, low-latency forwarding, QoS, and IP packet filtering, with very high performance.

  • carrier-neutral
  • low-latency forwarding
  • world-renowned networking staff
  • MPLS-enabled, IPv6 native, 10-GbE-based network
  • scalable performance at very high bandwidth
  • managed options, from circuits to customer-provided equipment
  • real-time updates on circuit utilization, network availability, maintenance, support tickets
  • 100% uptime SLA

To speed the flow of information directly to its destination, we maintain extensive peering relationships with major carriers and access providers. Direct routing ensures your critical data, streaming traffic, and applications ride the lowest latency paths with complete resiliency. Continuous upgrades and careful capacity planning avoid bottlenecks and provide sufficient capacity to handle sudden, unpredictable demand.

We currently maintain over 2 Terabits per second of peering and transit capacity to the Internet, and support some of the largest traffic sites in the world. We offer industry leading network latency through carefully selecting the best, commercially-available fiber paths from many sources. In many cases, we offer 20% lower round-trip times than major competitors, improving your network throughput, interactive application performance, and voice and video application quality.

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