The scope and scale of today’s data centers is best characterized by a number:


This is the number of search results Google yields when you search for “IT infrastructure trends 2015”.

How are IT infrastructure trends and data centers connected?

The number of questions to ask a data center partner increases in line with the dynamism of IT infrastructure trends. Month, quarter, and even year-long searches to identify the best data center partner often go unfulfilled. As the technologies become more complex, the volume of questions and the depth of the answers overwhelms the process. It is often far easier to make no decision.

Unfortunately, the path of least resistance – inaction – quickly becomes the path of obsolescence.

We’re going to change this.

Our goal is simple. We want to help.

For 15 years, industry-leading companies around the world put their trust in ServerCentral to design, deploy, and manage their mission-critical infrastructure. Leveraging this experience, we’ve identified critical questions to ask of your existing or prospective data center partners. Most importantly, we don’t want to simply provide you with another list of questions. Instead, we want you to be in the best possible position to parse through the answers to achieve your objectives.

Whether you decide to turn these questions into an RFP or simply use them for topics of conversation in your next meeting, it’s all good by us.

The framework will present questions to ensure your (or your partner’s) data center can support a healthy portion of the IT infrastructure trends that will shape 2015.

Please check back on 12 September 2014 for the framework. If you’d like to receive a copy via email, subscribe to our blog over in the right hand column and we’ll send you a copy as soon as we’re finished.