AWS Consulting

Turn off-the-shelf Amazon Web Services into a custom cloud, optimized for your business

We saw the AWS partner requirements — and raised them

With our AWS consulting engineers, you get more than the average Amazon MSP partner offers.

You get what you need.

It takes a lot of work to become one of Amazon’s Managed Service Program partner companies. We passed a rigorous auditing program that tested not just our technology and skills, but our processes, sustainability, and customer service.

Then we went further.

Our AWS consulting services exceed the MSP requirements to provide:

  • A comprehensive suite of policies, procedures and services, culminating in a fully managed AWS platform that goes as far as our customers need
  • Deep insights into infrastructure as well as applications and their performance
  • SLAs that exceed AWS standards
  • Customized tools, implementation services, monitoring, and optimization
  • Application-level and database services to guide decisions about architecture, technology, vendor selection, and to troubleshoot  complex technical problems
  • Insight into performance enhancements that follow documented policies, standards, and controls for governance and procurement
  • Operations and financial management optimization of AWS resources

You can get the basics anywhere. But if you want an
AWS technology partner with decades of enterprise IT experience, SCTG is the right partner to get your IT spend working for you.

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

“Moving to the cloud, or transforming your business, is not something to be taken lightly. It takes time, attention to detail and comprehensive planning to be successful. Lift and shift has proven, time and again, to fail to deliver value. ServerCentral Turing Group recognized this and has put together an offering for helping companies navigate the complex process of moving to the cloud, managing their cloud infrastructure, and transforming their business processes.”

Dan Thompson, Research Director for Multi-Tenant Datacenter (MTDC) at 451 Research

We make AWS consulting human

ServerCentral Turing Group joined the AWS Partner Network with the belief that technology should be accessible, hard-working, and honest. Our IT consulting expertise doesn’t stop there.

We’re a team of engineers and innovators who love nothing more than solving business problems with technology. We get right to the heart of the issue and use our decades of experience to eliminate your biggest pain points.

Whether you need managed AWS hosting services, cloud consulting, or a team to directly connect your colocation and AWS environments via Managed AWS Direct Connect, SCTG has you covered.

Learn how our AWS consultants saved Metra 50%  

Get an AWS partner that solves board-level problems

Whether you’re already using the cloud or still considering it, our process will help you understand exactly what to expect.

1. Learn the Business

To start, we discuss the business improvements your company wants.

2. Test the Technology

Next, we assess your current workloads, server configurations (virtual/physical), network architecture, security concerns, compliance requirements, and application interdependencies.

3. Optimize the Plan

Finally, after balancing your business goals with your technological situation, we’ll build out a custom cloud migration plan or detailed optimization roadmap depending on whether or not you’re already using cloud technologies.

“We’re using AWS in our manufacturing environment. That isn’t something we had anticipated — it’s something new SCTG brought to the table. It’s made our manufacturing facility a lot more efficient, which was an unexpected benefit.”

Kevin Fee, VP of Engineering at Florence Corp

Committed to cloud consulting for the public and private sectors

SCTG has extensive experience with delivering cloud solutions to a diverse group of customers worldwide, including Metra, the Georgia Department of Public Health, DePaul University, and Florence Corporation.

Let’s build Amazon cloud services that work for you.

You can put our AWS consulting services to good use and get started.

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