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Through ServerCentral’s investment in Turing Group, “workloads that function best in a private cloud can stay in ServerCentral’s colocation facilities, while workloads that can be retooled to take advantage of an elastic infrastructure and that require massive scale can be moved to Amazon’s public cloud environment” (451 Research Report).

This is good news, considering:

By 2018, 68% of companies will operate in multi-cloud environments.

Voice of the Enterprise

According to the report, ServerCentral’s investment in Turing Group “greatly upgrades ServerCentral’s software IQ.”

We’re just happy to have the opportunity to continue helping people build their business on the smartest foundation they can, using whatever combination of public, private, hybrid, and bare metal architecture makes the most sense.

With the combined experience of cloud infrastructure and application transformation, ServerCentral and Turing Group are well positioned to develop solutions that offer companies an easier and more manageable path into the cloud.

Dan Thompson, Senior Analyst at 451 Research