Last night, a cloud hosting company came to us in full panic mode. Their data center hosting provider of many years was knocked offline, and they (and their customers) were knocked offline, too.

SCTG solving data center emergencies

They needed to move a cab’s worth of gear ASAP — a process that typically takes days or weeks. In this emergency situation we were able to turn up a cab, power, and ports in about 8 hours.

Happily, the company and their customers are back online. Meanwhile, several members of our sales, data-center ops, provisioning, and net-eng teams are back asleep.

Despite this being a particularly rapid turnaround, we can’t overstate the importance of taking a step back and seeing the whole picture, especially under pressure. Making a fast IT decision under stress can have long-lasting consequences. Fortunately, this customer’s consequences turned out pretty darn well.

If you ever need help getting bailed out of a data center emergency, you can count on SCTG. Contact us and we’ll get it done.


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