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See how a performance-based marketing agency uses ServerCentral’s colocation, disaster recovery, and data center migration services as the foundation for its massive data analyses.


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Leapfrog Online provides digital direct-marketing services in the United States. The company offers digital sales channels, mobile marketing, data and analytics, and compensation model services.

Evanston, IL

As a performance-based agency, Leapfrog needed an infrastructure partner that could provide 24x7x365 support for immense data analysis.

Leapfrog knows a little bit about performance. In fact, the company was founded on the belief that marketing’s foundation should be performance. In 1995, however, performance-based marketing was largely a myth.

The path to delivering new customers and revenue has become increasingly more complex. Leapfrog’s LFX Conversion Platform™ offers the most flexible, fully integrated marketing system that accepts cross-channel data sets for real time, actionable analysis.

Through this proprietary technology, Leapfrog is able to unlock conversion intelligence that is hidden in disparate data sets — allowing them to make recommendations on their client’s true consumer journey. How, when and where they exercise their decision-making power and most importantly, how they can capture, replicate and deliver those paths to purchase on a continual, consistent basis.

“Customer acquisition should be measurable and done on a performance-only basis. This was a revolutionary idea when the company was founded and it remains a revolutionary idea today. We simply are not afraid to assume the risk for our customers because we know we will deliver.”

Terry Peppers

Vice President, Technology Operations, Leapfrog

Enter Leapfrog

To execute this revolutionary feat, Leapfrog needed to take matters into its own hands. The result, the LFX Conversion Platform™, a flexible, fully integrated marketing system that collects and analyzes data sets from disparate channels to unlock hidden insights in realtime. Through this proprietary technology, Leapfrog is able to give its clients actionable insights on their users’ true journeys.

“What we’re really talking about are completely customized, highly tuned and refined buy flows that increase conversion rates. The amount of data that goes into making this a reality is far from trivial.” said Dan Tesch, Director of IT for Leapfrog.

Leapfrog has to be able to support anything and everything their client’s have and want to use in the identification, optimization and conversion process. Underneath the LFX Conversion Platform™ is an incredible amount of data and intelligence.

Such a hefty application and the data that goes with it requires a serious infrastructure. Yet Leapfrog wasn’t getting the necessary level of service from its infrastructure partner.

Enter ServerCentral

Leapfrog already relied on ServerCentral for its Disaster Recovery solution.

“We had been unhappy with our relationship with our primary colocation vendor for a number of years, but the headache of moving our infrastructure outweighed the benefits of moving. Migrations are a serious challenge. Beginning with Disaster Recovery enabled us to get to know ServerCentral and see how they could support our business.” Dan said.

The team at Leapfrog was serious about wanting to avoid the headache of moving their primary infrastructure. However, recognizing the service and capabilities with their Disaster Recovery environment, they reached out to see if ServerCentral could deliver enough benefits to justify the effort of migration.

“With the volume of data we manage and the sophistication of our platform, a migration was not going to be a trivial effort. ServerCentral was able to make a compelling case to move our primary hosting to take advantage of their network, expertise and support, rather than purchasing a point-to-point product from a traditional carrier and paying for cross-connects on each side. This is a technical point, but it was a critical component that set the stage for the larger migration.” Dan said.

As a technology and service organization, Leapfrog knows the importance of providing ROI to customers. But they also understand the importance of getting it — especially when it comes to data center providers. “We straddle the fine line between technology and service,” said Terry Peppers, Vice President, Technology Operations for Leapfrog. “In ServerCentral we’ve found a similar partner — a group of people who are equal parts technology and service. The result? A solid understanding of what we need to be successful and the willingness to step up and deliver it.”

Many Leapfrog engagements are performance-based. In those cases, if they don’t deliver for their clients, they don’t get paid. That means ServerCentral has to deliver a stable and resilient foundation that can provide 24x7x365 support of dynamic applications and data analysis. And ensure that foundation functions seamlessly with third-party applications and data, as Leapfrog client engagements are almost always hybrid, with lots of moving parts from lots of different parties.

“What we have in ServerCentral is a true partner – someone who understands our business and what we are trying to accomplish. The opportunity to migrate our primary environment to ServerCentral along with the cost benefits, made the decision a no-brainer. The assistance ServerCentral provided in performing the physical move, and the ongoing support, has simply been icing on the cake.”