Learn how a software company controls their own infrastructure while leveraging SCTG’s networking proficiencies through Colocation and Network Connectivity services from SCTG.


Wildbit creates innovative web products—Beanstalk and Postmark— geared toward developers, which help businesses collaborate and communicate more effectively.


Computer Software
Phildaelphia, PA


After three years of dedicated hosting with a former service provider, deployment limitations became too inflexible to support Wildbit’s changing demands. Weeklong turnarounds on quotes inhibited timely scaling, while hardware choice restrictions limited the company’s ability to use the newest technologies. Wildbit’s frustration peaked when they tried to expand their storage and their provider could not support their requirements. They started to explore alternatives to dedicated hosting. Colocation’s cost savings, combined with the freedom to choose any hardware, made it the perfect next step.


  • refresh hardware to support ultra-rapid growth
  • reliably grow with room to add more resources at any time if needed
  • customizable hardware suited to each server’s application set
  • leverage service provider’s networking expertise
  • escape oppressive bandwidth throttling

“Getting a huge increase in hardware performance, the choice to choose our own equipment, and saving money while doing it made SCTG an easy decision to make.”

Chris Naegle

CEO, Wildbit


Wildbit knew SCTG by reputation from a blog post written by staff at Basecamp (another SCTG customer). After performing a due diligence comparison with other managed services providers, Wildbit explored SCTG’s willingness to fulfill an unusual request:

Wildbit would own and manage the servers, while SCTG would own and manage the network stack.

When SCTG enthusiastically agreed, the Wildbit team flew from Philadelphia, PA to tour SCTG’s Chicago data center. After a personal walk-through of the new, high-density space, the team was pleased with SCTG’s responsive Remote Hands support team, on-site parts depot, and completely flexible deployment options.


Wildbit signed an agreement for SCTG Colocation and a fully Managed Network stack. The hybrid deployment allows Wildbit to maximize control over their infrastructure, scale at their own speed, and leverage SCTG’s networking proficiency:

  • 2, 48U cabinets
  • managed high-availability firewalls
  • managed high-availability switches
  • managed PDUs
  • 10-gigabit Ethernet networking for all storage-related traffic
  • private storage locker on site


A key benefit of SCTG Colocation in particular is flexibility. While Wildbit chooses to utilize SCTG’s global IP network, they are free to diversify and change routing as needed.

No hardware restrictions liberates features and functionalities (such as ZeusRAM) that let Wildbit maximize existing systems instead of purchasing more.

Dedicated hardware allows Wildbit to isolate issues much faster, and with better performance gains: initial file server performance tests showed more than twice the speed on Subversion benchmarks in a single thread.

While Colocation requires a larger investment up front, Wildbit’s lifetime cost is magnitudes lower than dedicated hosting. Their most expensive server paid for itself in less than three months — a drastic difference in comparison to leased hosting, which charges well after equipment is paid off.

According to Chris Nagele, Wildbit’s CEO, “The end result is faster, more reliable service for customers.”


SCTG Colocation, supported by Managed Network services, provides Wildbit with the following ongoing advantages:

  • significant long-term cost savings
  • doubled file server performance
  • 100% IP service uptime SLAs
  • low-latency networking with the option to cross-connect to content providers, networks, carriers, and Internet service providers
  • faster troubleshooting from dedicated hardware
  • ability to leverage SCTG’s high-level support in emergencies
  • convenient hardware inventory on-site

“Having the flexibility to use SCTG’s resources to manage our network gives us the perfect hybrid solution. It allows us to focus on what we know best and rely on SCTG for the rest.”

Chris Naegle

CEO, Wildbit

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