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Private Cloud

Extend your corporate data center to our bare-metal cloud. Dedicated cloud resources connect to your existing infrastructure. 

You know all that time you spend dealing with IT infrastructure? Take it back.

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Advisory support

Get advice from experienced cloud architects so you're certain you have the cloud you need for today and tomorrow.

Hybrid integration

Directly connect your physical infrastructure to your private cloud via 10-Gbps cloud-connects.

Assisted VM migrations

Physical-to-virtual or virtual-to-virtual migrations maintain uptime and data integrity.

Full-stack monitoring

Know how your cloud is performing in real time to make informed decisions about resource utilization.

18 years of experience

We’ve been building private virtualized environments since early 2000, so we've seen it all.

Managed virtualization

We manage your infrastructure while you’re focused on your apps.

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Once everything looks good, we’ll deploy your dedicated cloud resources.



Log into the cloud portal to build, deploy, and monitor your cloud.



We'll provision additional resources at your request within <24 hours.

ServerCentral has proven it has tremendous technical expertise to design world-class private cloud solutions for our customers. We’re big fans.


Tell us your cloud project requirements