DevOps Consulting powered by AWS

Learn how to take on a DevOps philosophy of sharing, collaboration, measurement, and automation.

We’ll guide you through adopting a DevOps model that works for your business

We’ll start by changing your legacy code deployment strategy through combining Dev, QA, and Ops into an integrated organization.

Our DevOps practice has a team of development-oriented engineers and architects working in tandem with a team of operations-oriented engineers and architects.

Both teams report to the same management, and both teams are involved throughout all development, deployment, testing, and operations processes.

Build and manage your infrastructure in an iterative, code-like development process

Your infrastructure changes will be made just as swiftly as application code — and tested just as thoroughly as a regular code update.

You’ll even be able to handle an increase in load (and any other use case) as easily as you can add a feature to your software.

Using AWS infrastructure means your DevOps team can make changes quickly

In fact, AWS saves 30-40% more time than traditional, “over the wall” approaches.

Not only do AWS technologies help you cut down on various iterations, but it’s flexible enough to adjust and revise servers on the fly.

“The real fun thing is how quickly we can update software now. It takes a matter of seconds, where previously it was hours. It’s awesome.”

Kevin Fee
VP of Engineering at Florence Corporation

Let’s implement a DevOps model into your organization.

If your business is ready for structured change and a transformed IT culture, contact our DevOps team.

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From growing pains to tips and tricks, learn about SCTG’s take on DevOps here.

SCTG achieves AWS DevOps Competency

SCTG achieves AWS DevOps Competency

SCTG’s AWS DevOps Competency recognizes our technical proficiency and proven customer success in the areas of CI/CD, monitoring, logging, performance, infrastructure as code, and consulting.

Practicing safe DevOps

Practicing safe DevOps

Safe DevOps means that all changes to the environment should be made through the configuration and change management system. Here are some examples.


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