Managed AWS

Whether you’re relocating, refactoring, or completely rearchitecting applications and infrastructure to take full advantage of AWS, ServerCentral’s cloud transformation team can lead you through the process.

Process Overview

You’ll have certified AWS experts from Turing Group, our AWS team, help ensure your success.

Architecture Design

Our Managed AWS team has deep expertise using AWS at scale. We can design and build a solution that incorporates best practices for security, reliability, and scalability.

No one knows your company better than your own team. That’s why we work both internally and side-by-side from planning through delivery, focusing on solving your toughest business challenges.

Security & Compliance

To meet industry compliance requirements such as HIPAA and PCI-DSS, your private data needs to be securely stored and accessible by authorized people only. We’ll configure a cloud that meets your security requirements so that you (and your customers) are confident in your security practices.

App Compatibility

Whether you’re doing a simple lift-and-shift migration to AWS or need to completely rearchitect your applications for the cloud, ServerCentral can make your applications cloud-ready.

Successful Migration

Is your team prepared to tackle an AWS deployment? We are. We can help you plan and manage a successful migration to AWS — one that minimizes disruption and reduces the risk associated with moving critical workloads to the cloud.

Recurring Optimization

We’ll apply our experience and best practices to help ensure you receive maximum value from your AWS investment — whether that involves adopting new AWS features that could benefit your business, or updating your solution based on your usage.

Ongoing Support

Managing your AWS infrastructure internally is no small feat. There’s an easier way: leverage the experience of the AWS specialists at ServerCentral. Hiring our certified experts to manage AWS infrastructure allows you to maintain focus on growing your business — not running AWS.

Frequently asked questions

Can I migrate an application or workload from AWS to a ServerCentral cloud?

Absolutely. In fact, we often see customers using a combination of our cloud services and AWS. The reason for this is that both platforms have specific advantages suited to the types of applications and workloads running on them. For those applications that run 24/7 and need a lot of feeding and care, ServerCentral’s private cloud options work particularly well both from a performance and cost perspective. For variable workloads, those that need to align with traffic patterns, and workloads that demand a complete kill and rebuild process frequently, AWS is the better fit. This is precisely why we look to the application to drive the requirements for the infrastructure.

Do you manage my applications?

We offer application-driven infrastructure. This simply means that everything we do to architect the right infrastructure solution is driven by the needs of your applications and workloads. So while we do not actually manage your applications, we work with you to design for the workloads they produce and rely on.

Which AWS regions do you support?

We support all AWS regions.

Can I transfer an existing AWS account over to ServerCentral?

Yes, you may use an existing AWS account with our services. You will need to sign-up for the Managed AWS service first and will be given instructions on linking your existing AWS account to ours during the onboarding process.

Can I change or scale down AWS services as required?

Certainly. AWS is built for this. In fact, we’ll help you design and build-in automation that helps you align resource needs with workload patterns.

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