It’s a huge pain to go to the data center when hardware fails. Especially when you live far away.

Servers don’t break at convenient times, either. Often it’s at 2 AM, rush hour, or the moment you sit down to watch a new episode of Rick & Morty.

So not only do you have to travel to the data center to find out what broke, you also have to replace it. That means going to the store—or worse, ordering parts online and waiting for them to arrive—before you can fix it. All the while, your server is down and your boss is upset.

This is a problem that ServerCentral addresses daily. We maintain a huge inventory of replacement parts in our Chicago-area data centers.

Whatever you need is always in stock. Even exotic optics and ancient RAM.

It doesn’t matter if your servers are from 1999. Once you’re a customer, we can stock your treasures from the Mesozoic Era steps from your cabinet.

If you’re too busy working on 1000 other projects to do a hardware swap, our in-house Remote Hands team can do it for you. They’re at the data center all the time, including weekends and holidays.

Existing customers can put in a request at