Get your business a cloud soulmate

The foundation of your success starts here.

Managed AWS

ServerCentral’s certified AWS team can design and manage your AWS deployment.

Enterprise Cloud

Dynamically scale high-performance cloud resources.

Private Cloud

Directly connect your existing gear to a dedicated Private Cloud and any third-party cloud.

Hybrid Cloud

You decide what’s public vs. private, moving data and apps fluidly between both.

You need a trusted cloud partner to help you build the right cloud for your business.

We’ll work with you to make these decisions and deliver formal, actionable recommendations:



1. project discovery

What are the short- and long-term objectives? What does success mean?

2. application discovery

Which applications are ready to move to the cloud? Which applications need to be refactored or re-written?

3. infrastructure discovery

Which infrastructure elements can be moved to the cloud? How will connectivity need to change?

4. security & Compliance

How will your security and compliance requirements be met in cloud, hybrid, or multi-cloud environments?

5. monitoring & Alerting

Are application and infrastructure monitoring and alerting integrated?

6. bc/dr

Are your applications configured for HA? What about underlying infrastructure elements? Do you have a BC/DR plan?

Our Customers

We’re a trusted provider of cloud, disaster recovery, managed services, and colocation for awesome companies like these:

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