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Remote Hands

Get clued, onsite support from experienced technicians 24/7/365.

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Onsite Parts Depot

No need to wait for a shipment to come in before you can swap out hardware


Immediate Human Response

Get support from a person, sans phone tree purgatory


Clued Triage Onsite 24/7

Work with techs who are exceptionally skilled in pulling cables to debugging kernels


Shipment Handling

We can unpack, document, and store your incoming shipments

We lean on ServerCentral’s sales and network engineers for everything, from onsite hardware swaps to large-scale buildouts. We consider them an extension of our own staff.


Flat-Rate Tasks

  • $20/Drive destruction

  • $25/Remote reboot

  • $35/Reboot and console

  • $50/Stock OS install

As-Needed Rates

  • $50/15 minutes

  • $100/30 minutes

  • $150/45 minutes

  • $200/1 hour

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  • Ready-to-go parts
  • Lots of parts
  • Cut-to-length cabling
  • Even more parts
Huge Selection 
We stock a large inventory of patch cables, power supplies, cross connects, RAM, processors, fans, hard drives, and much more
No Delays
You don't have to wait for a shipment to arrive or a technician to return from the store before you can fix your equipment
Expert Staff
Our technicians are clued in everything from cables to kernels

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For $20/drive, you receive:

  • Data sanitization using software-based data destroy commands (Software Erase, Secure Erase)
  • Demagnetization using an NSA-approved degausser
  • Physical destruction using hydraulic crushing machines
  • Responsible disposal in accordance with local and federal law
  • Secure chain of custody
  • Certificate of Destruction with logged serial numbers, before-and-after photos
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