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SLA Supplement: Advanced Monitoring

SLA Supplement: Advanced Monitoring

Advanced Monitoring Service

Via SCN’s “Advanced Monitoring Service,” SCN uses commercially reasonable efforts to provide Customer with reasonable comprehensive infrastructure monitoring, including, but not limited to, servers, storage systems, network appliances, virtual machines and operating systems, as well as operating parameters such as fan speeds, CPU utilization, disk activity, memory usage, storage utilization and storage performance.  The Advanced Monitoring Service can be deployed in support of infrastructure within a SCN Datacenter Facility, or within Customer-designated premises, provided that Customer’s systems have public IP addresses or private network access is available to the Systems providing the Advanced Monitoring Service (each such monitored entity, a “Monitoring Target”).

SCN offers many configuration and alert options for the Advanced Monitoring Service.  These configuration and alert options are tailored to Customer’s needs.  SCN staff, in accordance with both Customer’s Order and any applicable sales engineering documentation generated with Customer input, may perform physical installation of the Advanced Monitoring Service and service configuration.

If Customer orders the Advance Monitoring Service, Customer herein expressly grants SCN and SCN’s Third Party Providers the rights (i) to install a software collector to facilitate data collection, alerting and monitoring and (ii) to access Customer equipment and other related property as reasonably necessary to set up and/or provide the Advanced Monitoring Service for the purpose of maintaining SCN’s Systems.


Fees for the Advanced Monitoring Service are charged per Monitoring Target on a calendar-month basis.  Fees include:  (i) a non-recurring charge for setup and configuration and a monthly Recurring Charge for the Advanced Monitoring Service.  Additional Fees may be incurred by Customer for professional Services provided by SCN outside the scope of the Advanced Monitoring Service, provided that;any Fees for such additional Services will be agreed upon, in writing, by both Parties prior to such Services being performed.


SCN will use commercially reasonable efforts to maximize availability of the Advanced Monitoring Service, and to achieve the SLAs detailed below.

  • Service Availability SLA – 99.9% monthly availability of the Advanced Monitoring Service to each Monitoring Target.
  • Availability in Customer-Operated Data Centers SLA – 99.9% availability of SCN’s Advanced Monitoring Service. If SCN fails to meet this SLA because of Systems contained within or connecting to the Customer-operated data centers, and such Systems are not provided by or are outside of the SCN Network and SCN’s operational control, Customer will not have recourse for availability under the SLA.
  • Data Aggregation SLA - SCN provides Data Aggregation schedules, including:
    • Every stored sample (down to 1 minute resolution) is kept for 5 hours. (Note that the stored sample may be subject to interpolation, to align it with per-minute time slots.)
    • Data with 8 minute resolution, with the min, max and average samples for every 8 minute period is available for one week.
    • Data with 3 hour resolution with the min, max and average samples for every 3 hour period is available for one month.
    • Data with 12 hour resolution with the min, max and average samples for every 12 hour period is available for one year.
  • Data Retention SLA - SCN provides Data Retention schedules, including:
    • Entries in the audit log are kept for 60 days.
    • Collector event history is stored for 7 days.
    • The history of a deleted instance is kept for 30 days. If the instance is rediscovered or added again during that period, the history is available.
    • Event alert history is kept for 30 days.
    • No history is kept for a host once the host is deleted.
    • No history is kept for a datasource on a host when that datasource is no longer associated with the host.

Remedies for Failure of Advanced Monitoring Service SLAs

  • Service Availability SLA – If SCN fails to meet the Service Availability SLA for any individual Monitoring Target, SCN shall credit Customer’s account with 20% of the Recurring Charges attributable to the affected Monitoring Target(s) for the calendar month in which the disruption occurred.

Limitations on Remedies; Exceptions

  • Limitation on Remedies – If Customer is entitled to multiple Credits under this Supplement, such Credits shall not exceed the total Recurring Charges for the Advanced Monitoring Service for such month. Except as set forth in this Supplement, SCN makes no claims regarding the availability or performance of the Advanced Monitoring Service.
  • Exceptions – In addition to the exclusions set forth in the main body of the Master Products and Services Agreement, Customer shall not receive any Credits under this Supplement in connection with any failure or deficiency caused by or associated with the following:

SCN shall not be responsible for the failure to meet any SLA with respect to Monitoring Targets which reside outside of a SCN Datacenter Facility or are not connected to the SCN Network.


Any capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein shall have the definitions ascribed thereto in the main body of the MPSA or the Order(s) applicable to the Advanced Monitoring Service.

  • Availability” (or “availability”) – the ability of the Advanced Monitoring Service to query each Monitoring Target as to its current status/availability. 
  • Data” – a set of file systems, directories, or individual files as designated by Customer.
  • Systems the on-line systems provided by SCN to utilize the Advanced Monitoring Service, including firewall appliances, monitoring and reporting equipment, and network switches.