A managed cloud service provider that covers all the bases

SCTG is the rare managed cloud service provider with expertise that stretches from private and public cloud infrastructure to AWS cloud consulting and cloud-native software development. So wherever you are, we can find the right combination of power, connectivity, and cost to get where you’re going.

I want a smart cloud architecture

Custom managed cloud solutions

You pick the architecture that makes sense for your applications — private cloud vs. enterprise cloud vs. hybrid cloud.

Private Cloud

The SCTG private cloud gives you all the benefits of managed cloud hosting, without any loss of control.

Public Enterprise Cloud

Our VMware-powered public cloud gives you the best performance at a price that makes sense.

Hybrid Cloud

Get exactly what you need by blending the control of private cloud with the scale of enterprise cloud.

AWS Cloud Consulting 

We met the requirements to become a certified AWS MSP partner. Then we went further, so our customers get more than just the minimum. You get what you need.

Cloud Migration Service

With hundreds of cloud customers, we have plenty of high-stakes experience moving our partners to new environments. There’s no situation too kooky or complicated for our team.

Cloud-Native Software Development

If your cloud service provider stops at the setup, they’re doing you a disservice. At SCTG, we work with you to make sure that your applications are built to take advantage of the cloud. If they’re not, our development team will make the changes you need to achieve the ROI you want.

Managed Cloud Storage

Get a wide range of cost-effective storage classes managed by the experts at SCTG.

Your business deserves the benefits of cloud

SCTG can help you get them.


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