Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery from SCTG keeps your critical IT systems up and running — no matter what.

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Managed Backup


With Managed Backup, you have peace of mind that your data is securely backed up, either offsite or onsite. This service provides the lowest-cost solution, but recoveries are reactive and may therefore take longer. Powered by Veeam and VMware.

Managed Backup & Recovery


With Managed Backup & Recovery, data is continuously backed up at a secondary site. In a disaster, ready-to-go resources are rapidly brought online. While this solution is cheaper than DRaaS, apps and data experience minimal downtime while the secondary site comes online. Powered by Veeam and VMware.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)


With DRaaS, production and backup sites are both active to allow near-instant recoveries. DRaaS caters to the most stringent Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives (RPOs and RTOs) and is the only solution for mission-critical data. Powered by Zerto.

Protecting happy customers like these for over 20 years:

Data recovery for any app in any storage

Disaster recovery without storage constraints.

You can protect virtual environments at VM and VMDK levels.

Supporting strict recovery point and recovery time objectives

Set your own RTOs and RPOs on an app-by-app basis.

Continuous replication mitigates the risks associated with traditional, snapshot-based solutions.

No more lost data post-recovery.

“ServerCentral Turing Group helps us strike the right balance between the things we’re good at (writing the code and configuring VMs) and the things we just can’t competently manage, like diesel backup generators, redundant networks, or real-time replication to a failover datacenter.”


Ars Technica

“The support and insight in developing our new architecture and defining and testing our comprehensive disaster recovery plans has been fantastic.”


“SCTG’s approach to availability goes beyond backup, leveraging intelligent approaches to data management and the managed service expertise needed to make hyper-availability a reality.”



“If your data center is an office closet, then you have to ask, ‘What happens when the power goes out?’ Because it will go out. One of the many reasons that we work with SCTG is that they’re our answer to these questions.”


DePaul University

“We’re not experts in architecting, deploying, managing, scaling, and supporting mission-critical IT infrastructure. That’s where we turned to SCTG. They’re intimately familiar with our challenges and opportunities.”


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Let us handle what you don’t have time for.

With SCTG Disaster Recovery, you gain a bonus IT team that’s completely focused on IT resiliency.

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