Disaster Recovery

Every infrastructure will fail. How and when are just variables. That’s why Disaster Recovery from SCTG provides automated failover for virtualized infrastructure.

Make a disaster recovery plan

Disaster Recovery is a fully managed service

We reduce complexity and minimize hardware costs while protecting your virtualized infrastructure using these technologies:

Data recovery for any app in any storage

Disaster recovery without storage constraints.

You can protect virtual environments at VM and VMDK levels.

Delivering RTOs in minutes and RPOs in seconds.

No other provider comes close.

Proven solutions

SCTG is trusted by industry-leading companies like these:


Recovery on your own terms

We have the facilities, resources, and expertise to get you back up and running. You can even custom-define your own SLAs.

RTOs/RPOs set per application

We can deliver RTOs in minutes and RPOs in seconds, decided by you on an app-by-app basis.

Continuous replication

Continuous replication, managed by our experts, mitigates the risks associated with traditional, snapshot-based solutions.

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With SCTG Disaster Recovery, you can have the best possible technology in the best possible data centers — all managed by experienced infrastructure experts and system administrators.


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