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Protecting happy customers like these for over 20 years:

“We needed a complete way to deliver continuity of system operation and patient care, and SCTG delivered. The support and insight in developing our new architecture and defining and testing our comprehensive disaster recovery plans has been fantastic. We’re treated with tremendous attention and professionalism.”

Barry Flynn, IT Manager at Coastal Health District

“SCTG’s approach to availability goes beyond backup, leveraging intelligent approaches to data management and the managed service expertise needed to make hyper-availability a reality.”

Matt Kalmenson, Vice President of Sales and Service Provider Sales at Veeam


“If your data center is an office closet, then you have to ask, ‘What happens when the power goes out?’ Because it will go out. One of the many reasons that we work with SCTG is that they’re our answer to these questions, and many more.”

Nicola Foggi, former Technical Architect of Information Systems at DePaul University

DePaul University

“In SCTG we’ve found a similar partner — a group of people who are equal parts technology and service. They have a solid understanding of what we need to be successful, and the willingness to step up and deliver it.”

Terry Peppers, Vice President of Technology Operations at Leapfrog


“We are experts in healthcare payment and billing processes. We are not experts in architecting, deploying, managing, scaling and supporting mission-critical IT infrastructure. This is where we turned to SCTG. They were intimately familiar with our challenges and opportunities.”

Terry Rowinski, Chief Operating Officer at Health Payment Systems

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Because your runbooks are outdated. Because your production environment changes too quickly to keep up. Because your backup data is corrupted. Because you don’t know if your current recovery plan even works.


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