Private Cloud powered by VMware

Get a fully managed, single-tenant, dedicated VMware private cloud deployed in any of SCTG’s global data centers.

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Private Cloud pricing

Buy preconfigured resources or customize your own from the ground up. 

Private cloud support

We completely manage both the hardware and the software tools used to deliver private cloud solutions, including:

  • Virtualization platform
  • Hypervisor patching and updates
  • On-site hardware sparing and maintenance
  • Firmware patching and updates

10-Gig connectivity between your gear and third-party clouds

24-hour cloud monitoring and support from certified engineers


100% VM uptime when you modify cloud resources

Private Cloud monitoring

Real-time cloud performance graphs can be monitored from the customer portal. Private Cloud is also monitored by SCTG’s Network Operations Center (NOC). Should any issues or anomalies be detected, a member of our NOC or Managed Services team will take corrective action and notify your team.


What parts of a Private Cloud does SCTG manage?

We handle the entire infrastructure, including all hardware, the VMware virtualization platform, and the operating systems on your VMs.

What are common use cases for Private Cloud?

Private Cloud is the right choice when security, compliance, and performance are top concerns.

What operating systems do you support?

Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, virtual appliances, and any other operating system that’s legal.

What compliance coverage does SCTG have?

SCTG is a SOC 2 Type II audited company and PCI-DSS compliant. Our annual SOC 2 Type II audit serves as the foundation for helping customers satisfy vendor management needs and meet their own compliance requirements, including HIPAA.

Can I access the hypervisor or provisioning portal?

In most cases, no. As a managed service, Private Cloud includes management of whatever you’d be doing with that level of access.

Where are your availability zones?

Private Cloud is delivered from all SCTG data centers in multiple geographies, giving you the option to deploy resources in different availability zones. Private Cloud is also connected to SCTG’s scalable, redundant data center network and core routing infrastructure for access to low-latency, high-performance Internet transit.

How can I integrate SCTG's Private Cloud with my existing systems?

You can connect SCTG’s dedicated Private Cloud to all of your existing gear and cloud(s), no matter where they live. Private Cloud directly connects to your existing physical infrastructure and to third-party clouds through direct, 10-Gbps cloud-connects.

See how real companies are using SCTG’s VMware-based Private Cloud

Health Payment Systems

“We’re experts in healthcare payment and billing processes. We’re not experts in architecting, deploying, managing, scaling, and supporting mission-critical IT infrastructure. This is where we turn to SCTG. ”

DePaul University

“What we could build was not equivalent to what we could lease from ServerCentral Turing Group. The SCTG option was qualitatively better, and also happened to be less expensive than what we would have built ourselves.”

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Not all workloads belong in a public cloud. Whether driven by compliance, security or financial reasons, a Private Cloud from SCTG creates a custom computing environment for your needs.

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