How we provide infrastructure support

Is SCTG a good fit for you? Learn how we approach every new colocation, cloud, and disaster recovery project to find out.

Infrastructure support in 6 steps

1. Discovery

Our full infrastructure support starts by getting to know you and your business. This includes your company’s key players, strategic drivers, desired outcomes, core infrastructure components, application architectures, business goals, and timeframes that we need to meet.

IT service professional engaging in the discovery process
IT Assessment chart

2. Assessment

Our assessment looks at your current workloads, server configurations (virtual/physical), network architecture, software infrastucture, security concerns, and compliance requirements in light of the discussed business outcomes. Then, we document all your system details, down to the different interdependencies that exist in each application and make detailed recommendations on the best courses of action.

3. Build

If you decide you want SCTG to implement these recommendations, we’ll use everything we’ve learned about your business to build a solution specific to your strategy, applications, databases, storage, network topology, servers, and staffing capabilities.

sculpture representing firm building IT solutions for businesses
worker pushing cart to represent migrating applications and infrastructure to a new environment

4. Migration

We take full responsibility for migrating your applications and infrastructure to the new environment — but we don’t stop there. Once the initial deployment is operational, testing begins. We monitor closely 24/7 to get a good feel for how the new environment handles the load.

5. Optimization

Based on the real-world data from your environment, we identify ways to optimize your solution further. We may add high-availability functionality to protect against outages, right-size instances so you can fulfill your needs at the lowest cost, or make recommendations on improving cloud governance. Then we start the monitor-optimize cycle again.

diagram of a man being examined to represent IT system optimization
plant growing to represent the evolution of business IT infrastructure

6. Evolution

Once all key goals have been met and the first round of optimization has been achieved, your environment is officially in its steady, production state.

You have the option to let our expert managed services team provide ongoing monitoring, support, and maintenance for your environment. A detailed, evolving runbook makes sure everyone has the information necessary to keep your apps supported through the rest of their lifecycle. 

“ServerCentral Turing Group helps us strike the right balance between the things we’re good at (writing code and configuring VMs) and the things we can’t competently manage, like diesel backup generators, redundant networks, and real-time replication to failover datacenters.”

– Ars Technica

Ready to jump in?

While our process is the same across services, every solution we come up with is unique. Contact us to see how we’ll get you the results you want using smart technology, completely tailored to your business infrastructure support needs.


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