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Remote Hands

Get clued, on-site support from experienced technicians 24/7/365.

Flat-Rate Tasks

  • $20/Drive destruction

  • $25/Remote reboot

  • $35/Reboot and console

  • $50/Stock OS install

As-Needed Rates

  • $50/15 minutes
  • $100/30 minutes
  • $150/45 minutes
  • $200/1 hour
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We lean on ServerCentral’s sales and network engineers for everything, from onsite hardware swaps to large-scale buildouts. We consider them an extension of our own staff.



On-Site Parts Depot

No need to wait for a shipment to come in before you can swap out hardware


Immediate Human Response

Get support from a person, sans phone tree purgatory


Clued, On-Site Triage 24/7

Our techs are exceptionally skilled in pulling cables to debugging kernels


Shipment Handling

We can unpack, document, and store your incoming shipments
  • Ready-to-go parts
  • Lots of parts
  • Cut-to-length cabling
  • Even more parts
Huge Selection 
We stock a large inventory of patch cables, power supplies, cross connects, RAM, processors, fans, hard drives, and much more
No Delays
You don't have to wait for a shipment to arrive or a technician to return from the store before you can fix your equipment
Expert Staff
Our technicians are clued in everything from cables to kernels

Read About Our Parts Depot

For $20/drive, you receive:

  • Data sanitization using software-based data destroy commands (Software Erase, Secure Erase)
  • Demagnetization using an NSA-approved degausser
  • Physical destruction using hydraulic crushing machines
  • Responsible disposal in accordance with local and federal law
  • Secure chain of custody
  • Certificate of Destruction with logged serial numbers, before-and-after photos