Remote Hands

Why make a trip out to the data center if you don’t have to? Get clued, on-site support from ServerCentral’s experienced technicians and admins 24x7x365.



  • Our on-site parts depot means hardware maintenance can be performed right away.
  • Get immediate support from a person — without waiting in phone tree purgatory.
  • Our techs are exceptionally skilled in everything, from pulling cables to debugging kernels.
  • Need to send something to the data center? We’re happy to unpack, document, and securely store your data center shipments for you.

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ServerCentral is very thorough. We get a notification any time a shipment arrives, any time an issue comes up, and if we place a request, we get multiple updates on the status of that request. Before we get a quote, they double check to make sure it’s to our satisfaction.


We lean on ServerCentral’s sales and network engineers for everything, from onsite hardware swaps to large-scale buildouts. We consider them an extension of our own staff.

New Relic

The support is immediate, personal, intelligent, and it’s my favorite part about working with ServerCentral. They’ve been super competent for us across a wide range of issues.

Ars Technica