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Data Centers


“Touring ServerCentral's data center convinced us. IF WE LOSE A POWER FEED, WE STAY ONLINE. That convinced us.”

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Minimum N+1 redundancy
Diverse, 34.5-kV power feeds
33 1300-kW rotary UPS systems
33 2,250-kW diesel-powered generators
200,000-gallon fuel reserve
36.4 MW critical load
Solid-state static transfer switches
Branch Circuit Monitoring System


Cooling continues even in a power outage


Minimum N+1 redundancy
300+ computer room air handlers
1,000,000-gallon chilled water reserve
Evaporative chilled water plants


We own and operate our own network

Network Connectivity

Native IPv6 private global IP network
Low-latency peering with top traffic destinations
Multiple diverse fiber paths
Metro connectivity


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6 layers of security


24/7 security staff
Visitor screening
Dual-factor authentication via biometric and proximity scanners
Anti-tailgating mantrap door
Recorded CCTV video surveillance
Isolated shipping and receiving areas with package screening



See our flagship data center on a virtual Google tour Get a personal facility tour

Elk Grove Village, IL
Located in the western suburbs of Chicago, this is the most sophisticated and efficient facility in the Midwest.
Chicago, IL
As the crossroads of America's global trade, this is one the world’s most interconnected facilities.
Ashburn, VA
Located 30 miles west of Washington, DC, this facility serves as a premier hub of traffic exchange to the Eastern United States.
San Jose, CA
This facility sits right amidst the largest concentration of high-tech companies in the world.

This facility is a key European gateway with a growing community of carriers, ISPs and connectivity options.

This facility is located in the dominant peering and Internet Exchange point for the Asia-Pacific region.

This facility provides extensive network interconnectivity in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Near one of the world’s most important financial centers, our London facility accesses 30+ European markets and 80 exchanges.

On-Site Parts

Available in Elk Grove Village, IL and Chicago, IL

We worry about our website, but we don’t worry about our infrastructure. We know ServerCentral has it taken care of and we trust everyone on their team.

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